Star Max

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Färg: Gul
Vikt: 173-175g
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Max – One of the absolute beefiest discs around, the Max is absolutely crazy overstable. It is the only disc Eagle McMahon says he completely trusts, he throws the Metal Flake version of the mold. You can throw this disc on any angle and it is going to fight out every time. Great for power arms, forehands, and overhand throwers. This disc will hold up to any wind and any power at all. Great for forehand rollers, this disc can be crushed on and it won’t flip over. A truly unique disc. The Max is absolute beef! Grab one today and see if this thing is as beefy as advertised.

This is what Innova says about the mold: “The Max is a fast stable driver. It is much like a faster Firebird or Monster. It is a great disc for forehand drives. Backhand throwers can use it for anhyzer flex shots and spike hyzer throws. The Max is predictable and dependable into the wind. The Max is designed for more experienced players with powerful backhands or sidearm throwers.”

Innova's Star Line plastic is created with a special blend of grippy, resilient polymers. Star Plastic offers almost the same outstanding durability of the Champion Plastic, plus improved grip like our Pro Plastic. High performance, longevity, and superior grip make Innova Star Line discs the ideal choice for your game.

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