With bold strokes and fiery and vibrant hues. Our passion for the sport of disc golf radiates a professionalism in all things we do and convey. 

We want our brand identity to reflect our ambition, and it's important that our brand guidelines are correctly used to portray the brand accurately.

Before printing or publishing any material related to the brand, it is essential to seek approval from the brand management team. This ensure that the material aligns with the brand guidelines and is suitable for distribution.


THIS is our logo. It is the clearest way to visually promote our brand, and we are careful to ensure it's consistent representation.

Vertical logo                       Horizontal logo

Horizontal logoVertical logo

Brand mark

Brand mark


For horizontal and vertical logos and the brand mark, the color guidelines are the same. Make sure you follow these recommendation.Logo variations

Brand mark guideline


To ensure consistency of our brand, it is important to not misuse our logos. Here are some examples of misuse:
Misused logos


Below are the colors that represent our brand. These colors are the first priority when applying the color. They are used throughout our visual communication. Use the CMYK formula to print. Use the RGB for screen colors.

Color guideline


Our typography one of the strongest section of our visual identity. We use three typefaces and a brand selection of weights to allow us to communicate in a wide range of tones.



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