Luster Champion Metal Flake Toro SDGPT Fundraiser

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Weight: 173-175g
Color: Red
Stamp: Discogoose
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SDGPT Fundraiser:
A substantial portion of each purchase will go towards funding the Swedish Disc Golf Pro Tour.
This years fundraiser stamp includes:

"The Discogoose" - The goose, inspired by Swedish tradition "Mårtensafton". The disco ball around it's neck is a fun gag on the non-discgolfers still calling our sport for "Discogolf". Art by
"Breaking Chains" - The symmetry of chains symbolizes order and Swedish "Law of Jante", Jantelagen. The SDGPT-logo breaking the chain, the symmetry and traditional norm and way of thinking. Paving our own way of moving professional Swedish Disc Golf to the next level. Art by @wellbeach
"Nature" - This art symbolizes the beautiful Swedish forests and landscape. Art by Max Wade. 

The Toro is a flat, overstable, beadless mid-range that can handle the type of torque that world class disc golfers produce. Calvin Heimburg provided Innova founder and president Dave Dunipace with substantial input to help create this extra-reliable, slow-speed midrange to his specifications, with added attention to the in-hand feel of the disc."

Innova Luster Champion is a limited edition fundraiser plastic that has the same durability as Champion plastic but has a shimmer to it. The plastic is durable, long-lasting and has an extra cosmetic appeal with the extra glimmer. Some players feel like Luster adds a touch more stability to the disc and is more firm than the traditional Champion plastic.

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