Forge Function - Prototype (EO2024 Fundraiser)

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Weight: 173-175g
Color: Orange
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Note: This disc is a prototype. All EO Forge Functions will not come with tooling information on the bottom of the disc aside from the weight embossing. Production runs of the Function in the future will not be prototypes and can be told apart from the protos by this distinction especially. This disc is also not currently legal for play in PDGA sanctioned events. When the disc is approved after submission, EO Forge Functions will also automatically become eligible for play.

Function is an easy to throw fairway driver that offers the most understable flight path of any Discmania disc produced to date. Those that enjoy the performance of the Essence but seek something just a bit flipper for their game are going to fall in love with this one right away. The Function is engineered for players with lower level arm speeds, beginners/amateurs, and those that enjoy the flight of an understandable fairway driver that executes turning shots quickly and easily.

Good for: Turnover shots, gentle straight lines, rollers, best friend to a lefty on all those righty holes out there. (lots)

Forge plastic is Evolution Line’s custom plastic with metallic outlook. It has really shiny finish and translucent look. Forge plastic is a little bit more rigid than for example Neo material and tends to produce a little more overstable flight for the disc.



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