FAF Champion Firebird SDGPT Fundraiser

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Weight: 173-175g
Color: Orange
Stamp: Breaking Chains
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These FAF (Flat and firm) Firebirds come in stiff extra pearly plastic. Very similar to Innova's Luster Champion material. Their profile is the lowest you can find on the market and they feature a very high PLH*. On the bottom you can find the embossed "Firebird" text and penned weight.
In terms of stability, these discs set near the most overstable end of the firebird spectrum. You can expect this disc to start fading hard basically the very moment it leaves your hand. A great tool for spike hyzers, sidearms, headwind shots and overheads.
Each serious player should carry at least one crazy overstable driver in their bag, and these firebirds may be the best option you’ll ever find for this slot. Limited availability!
*(Parting Line Height, aka the height of the outer rim. Effects the disc’s overstability: The higher the PLH, the more overstable is the disc)
This special edition of the "Flat top" Roc  goes through a special process which guarantees the discs to be flat. This is a limited run with our own branded with Heatland Discgolf. A fund raiser discs for our events for the Swedish Disc Golf Pro Tour and Swedish Disc Golf Amateur Tour.

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