ET M3.0 - Prototype

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With its exceptional glide and brilliant ratio of high-speed turn and low-speed fade, this do-it-all disc offers the whole enchilada.

The M3.0 is the go-to fairway driver you'll always want to keep in your bag. The durable and grippy ET plastic has an incredible feel.

M3.0 fits beginner and novice throwers swimmingly, and many pros will no doubt also take a liking to this disc. If you are facing a tight gap in the woods, a hyzer flip with the M3.0 will ensure you arrive at your destination in style and with precision. The glide is remarkable and the fade slow and reliable, just as things should be. The easy-to-throw nature of the M3.0 makes it perfect for players looking for their first fairway driver. This jewel handles backhand, smooth forehand throws, tailwinds, and even rollers, and it does it with bravura.

M3.0 is good for:
All skill levels, straight and turning shots from backhand & sidearm.

The premium blend combines exceptional grip, durability, and performance. ET plastic ensures a comfortable feel in all weather conditions, while its resilient composition maintains flight integrity even after rigorous use.

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