Electron Firm Ion

SKU: EFI2675

FLIGHT NUMBERS: 2.5 3 0 1.5

Weight: 170-175g
Color: Dark Purple
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The Ion is a straight-flying putter with a lot of glide that has an over-molded edge. This over-molded edge allows for a choice in flexibilities and firmnesses without sacrificing a desired soft, tacky outside edge. A softer outside edge will aid in grabbing the chains and dropping into the basket. In addition to its unique over-mold design is the comfortable grip of the disc. The edge where the flight plate meets the rim is rounded, so you fingers conform to the disc when you hold it.

Our High-Tech Baseline material Tactile boutique blends for superb grip Designed to wear slowly with use Added glide and neutral flight with wear Also available in soft flexibility for putters

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