Z Mantis Fly Dye - Ledgestone 2024

SKU: ZMF20147

FLIGHT NUMBERS: 8 | 4 | -2 | 2

Variant: #1 / 167-169g
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Description:                                                                                                                        Longer The Mantis is a reliable driver from Discraft that has been developed for straight throws. With a slightly lower glide than many other drivers in the same class, you get a bit less float and a bit more control over your throw. 

Discraft Z Plastic is the most durable blend from Discraft. It's a plastic that holds its shape well even after repeated tree hits, so you don't buy something that's overstable one week and understable the next. This is the choice of many pro players on Team Discraft. This plastic offers good grip and it's the most overstable plastic that they make. When deciding what type of plastic you need for a driver or mid think about Z Line and how this plastic stays with the same flight characteristics for years. What else does it offer other than being the toughest to break in? It's the least affected by warm temperature, so when your other discs are gummy in the summer sun it will be stiff to throw. Z Line is an excellent choice for a disc. It's stiff, and one of the most reliable choices in the sport.

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