Ti Sparkle Thrasher - Ledgestone 2024

SKU: TST18109


Color: #1
Weight: 170-175g
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The Thrasher is an understable distance driver used by all skill levels. For more recreational players, this is a trusty go-to driver for flex shots and big distance. For experienced players, the Thrasher becomes a hyzer-flip bomber or controlled turnover driver. This is one of the best glowing runs of any disc ever produced at the Discraft factory. The colors make these Thrashers easy to find during the day or night. This run also sports a slightly gummy feel and brings a predictable Thrasher flight fresh out of the box. The Glo portion adds a touch of stability to standard Z runs, giving these Thrashers a stronger finishing fade to pair with a more neutral mid-flight turn. This run is controllable for all levels and arm speeds.

Plastic: Ultra-Premium Plastic. - Pro grip and durability. - Uniquely appearance - Highest performance blend.

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