Swirl Soft Luna Top Stamp - Ledgestone 2023

SKU: SSL8853


Weight: 170-172g
Color: Blue
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The Luna was the first disc designed with, and for, Paul McBeth upon his arrival to Discraft in 2018. It has flourished alongside the popularity and success of the 6 time World Champion and has become one of the most used putters on the planet. The Luna’s beadless rim, limited glide and overstability inspire confidence in both high-speed and low-speed arms. The overstability makes the Luna a popular choice for a throwing putter as well. The soft plastic in this run is both flexible and grippy and feels great in the hand. This is the second time the Luna has been run in soft plastic, and is the first time it is available to purchase outside of a starter set. This run is surprisingly torque resistant and displays unusually long glide. The top stamp design features the reflection of the moon in the visor of an astronaut helmet while a crack in the helmet allows an eye to peer through. This was part of a run of 3000 discs.

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