S-Line Swirl Gold FD3- Special Edition

SKU: SLS15782


Weight: 173-175g
Color: Black/Gold
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10 Years of Discmania USA! Discmania was established as a brand back in 2006 and then later introduced with its first US location in California dating back to 2014. Since then, the brand and company has grown tremendously and our ability to grow the sport and Reinvent the Game is bigger than ever before. We’ve gained fans from all around the globe and have enjoyed every step of the way getting to know each and every one of you a bit better. To celebrate this occasion, we’ve created an extremely special rendition of the FD3 in a Golden Swirl form, the first of its kind.

Pro tip: Are there more 10 year celebration discs in the forecast? Maybe you’ll be able to collect them all!

The FD3 is our true workhorse fairway driver. Featuring a low profile, blunt nose, and concave inner rim, this is the disc to get things done. It can be trusted to handle high amounts of wind, forehand shots, thumber/tomahawk, and snappy backhand throws from even the strongest arms. Every player needs one of these in the bag for its sheer reliability and durability.
This particular batch is going to fly a little more overstable than the stock version of S-Line does but substantially straighter than the European Open Metal flake run in 2023 and the color glow ones as well. In short, we think you’re going to be extremely pleased with how these shiny beauties are going to perform for you out on the course. Best FD3 run with new Originals? We’ll let you decide.
Power hyzers (backhand/forehand), utility shots, (Lone) Howling wind, and overhand shots such as thumbers or tomahawks. Or that famous grenade you see everyone throwing these days.

The Discmania FD3 is the most stable fairway driver in our Originals line. For many players it will be an utility driver that only comes out in specific situations, like in strong headwinds or to cut tight corners. For players with more arm speed, it will hold a straight line for a longer time, before the inevitable fade.

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