Prodigy T2 Pro Basket x 9

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OBS - BESTÄLLNINGSVARA. Leveranstid mellan 1-3 veckor. Frakt tillkommer.

OBS! Denna artikel säljs med portabel fot (ring) så som den visas på bild. Önskas andra uppsättningar såsom permanent fäste eller bergfäste, skicka förfrågan till för offert.

Godkänd tävlingskorg i galvaniserad stål för permanent utomhusbruk.

The Prodigy Disc T2 is rated by the PDGA as a Championship level target, the highest ranking possible. The Prodigy T2 has a 16-8 chain configuration that incorporates the patent-pending Prodigy StrikeZone, which is made up of 24 inner chains. This assembly creates, what we consider, the most forgiving and reliable catching device on the market. It is virtually impossible to have a disc pass through this assembly, or bounce out. Unlike the T1, the T2 is more forgiving on putts that are slightly off center. The T2 is the most affordable target in its class.

Available in permanent and portable models. Custom colors are possible.

• 24 stainless steel welded rings, connecting 24 horizontal inner chains form the signature Prodigy STRIKEZONE
• Unique 16 outer and 8 inner chain configuration
• PDGA approved for Championship play


• Powder-coated finish.
• 13 gauge steel, 56 cm diameter x 10cm tall band.
• 7 mm steel spindle frame. 5.1 cm I.D. tubing, drilled & tapped. All joints welded.

• 2/0 straight link coil chain. 24 strands total.
• 16 outer chains, single strand configuration.
• 8 interwoven inner chains forming the Prodigy STRIKEZONE.
• All hot dipped zinc galvanized finish.

• Powder-coated finish. 68 cm diameter, 24 cm deep. 10 mm steel main ring, 9 mm x 13cm support rods, 7mm support rings. 5.1 cm I.D. tubing, drilled & tapped. All joints welded.

• 3 mm wall, 4.9 cm O.D., 188 cm long, 142 cm top to tab. Hot dipped zinc galvanized finish.

• 8 cm, 3 mm wall, 5.1 cm I.D. Hot dipped zinc galvanized finish.

• 61cm, 3mm wall, 5.1 cm I.D. Hot dipped zinc galvanized finish.

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