Nohawk NK-600 Rangefinder

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Color: Black
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Unlock the full potential of your disc golf game with the Nohawk NK-600, your essential ally on the course. Designed for both amateurs and pros alike, this range finder brings a new level of precision to your play. With the NK-600 in hand, you'll navigate the fairways with confidence, accurately gauging the distance to the pin, navigating tricky obstacles, and choosing the right disc for every throw.

Its sleek, user-friendly design means you can focus on the game, not on operating your equipment. Whether you're facing the sun's glare or an unexpected downpour, the Nohawk NK-600 ensures clear views and reliable performance in any weather, thanks to its robust build. The convenience of USB charging keeps you powered round after round, letting you stay fully focused on achieving your personal best.

Elevate your game with the precision and reliability of the Nohawk NK-600 – your secret weapon to mastering the course and shaving strokes off your score.

The range finder comes with a soft case.

Weight: 140g
Size: 96x34x67mm
Laser Wavelength: 905nm
Battery: Lithium Battery with USB charging
Range: 600m
Ranging Error: ±0.5m 
Telescope Magnification 6.5X
Telescope Object Diameter: 24mm
Eyepiece Diameter: 13.2mm
Protection Class: IP54

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