LUX VAPOR MUTANT 2023 Special Edition

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Color: Pink
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So far the Vapor Lux Mutant has only been offered as a limited edition item and that's the case with these discs as well.

When the wind picks up, you need a disc you can trust. The Mutant laughs at danger and always performs predictably, thanks to its immense overstability.

The Mutant is a truly unique midrange. It's been coined the "cybertruck" of midranges. The design principle for this mold was to create a disc with no round surfaces. It is an extremely overstable midrange with low glide that can handle even the toughest of headwinds. Great for both backhand & sidearm shots and situations where you need extreme dependability.

The Mutant in Lux Vapor plastic comes with great looks of striking two color plastic combos, and with superb grip and good durability! The Lux Vapor plastic feels very natural in the hand, making it easy to release in any angle that best fits your needs.

The Mutant is one of the premiere utility discs ever made for disc golf. This disc is not necessarily recommended for new players, but it can be highly useful in tricky situations for all skill levels.

Lux Vapor products are categorized by main color. Colors inside variations may vary.

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