Grip Wax Cookie - CustomWheels 100% GripLock

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Variant: Original Cookie - Citrus
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Discover the grip enhancement, hand poured in Sweden - 100% GripLock. A natural enduring grip wax based of beeswax, castor and paraffin oils and an invigorating fragnande.

A Mini marker made of a grip wax compound in the shape of a Chocolate chip Cookie. Rubbing your fingers on the Cookie will enhance you grip both in dry and wet conditions, the chocolate chips is made from a softer wax that can be in handy cold and wet days.

Two types of gripwax and a minimarker in 1. This is a tournament legal grip enhancer.

Ingredients: beewax,resin,paraffin oil, citrus essential oil
Size and weight: 85mm, 50grams

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