Golden Horizon Vanguard - Kyle Klein Creator Series

SKU: GHV11695


Color: Gold/Black
Weight: 175 - 176g
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Discover Dismania's Vanguard: Redefining Fairway Drivers in Disc Golf. With its unique blunt nose, this disc resembles popular models like the FD1 or FD3 but offers enhanced comfort with smoother edges and rim molding. The Vanguard is designed for powerful throws, ensuring reliability when it counts. Its strong flight carries straight with a controlled fade, making it ideal for executing accurate hyzer and anhyzer lines, always returning predictably even on challenging angles."

Kyle Klein Secured the Title of 2023 United States Disc Golf Champion! With a score to settle from the tight 2021 competition, Kyle approached this year's challenge with unwavering determination. Throughout the demanding four-round tournament, he displayed remarkable poise, determination, and resilience. When the final putt dropped into the basket, Kyle fulfilled his mission. Congratulations to the Champion!

Don't miss your chance to own a special limited edition of Kyle's Creator Series Vanguard, showcasing a brilliant golden design in honor of this remarkable achievement.


The reinvented S-line is finally here. After a year-long design process, we are happy to say the new Discmania S-line has arrived!

Our new S-Line plastic blend is truly industry leading. We haven’t cut any corners to create the best product available. The end result is a stunning, high-quality blend that produces unmatched grip, flight performance, and durability. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. This is the new standard of premium plastics.

We spent a year developing our new S-line. We wanted our best blend to offer the best user experience for you: Therefore we call our new S-line “a 5-star blend”. Everything in this plastic is thought out for you and your performance on the course. Gorgeous outlook and squeaky-good grip combined with industry-leading molding and finishing processes offers an unmatched combination.

We are excited to launch these goodies for the World.


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