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how to assembly the FRID
The bag is delivered partially assembled, only the side panels need to be assembled.

The Frid Disc Golf Bag has been designed with modularity in mind so that it may serve the player both on the course during the heat of competition and on the practice fields when honing their skills.

In competition mode, players can comfortably carry 18-28 discs and still have ample space for the necessity of competing while a few modifications expands frid into a field practice bag that can hold up to 41 drivers (6 side-, 6 long-, 19 main-, 3 extra-, 7 top pocket).

The Frid has a soft lined back coupled with luxurious ergonomic shoulder straps that have been designed to conform to your body without any sharp edges and feature a double load bearing system in order to spread out the load evenly. We have also made sure to include elastic strap retainers to provide the straps with a dangle free design.

Our top pocket is the ultimate putter deck designed to comfortably hold 2-3 putters in the putter pouch, rangefinder/mini in the foamed side slots with extra storage for towels, snacks or an additional 2-3 putters. Behind the putter pouch you will find a fleece lined sleeve suitable for 22.5cm wide laptops or tablets. Above that is a durable silky smooth top handle.

The main pocket will comfortably hold 16-19 discs with the innovative foam channel that helps secure your discs while carrying the bag and minimize the rattle of discs carried within Frid.
Retrieving discs from the main compartment is a breeze as they slide out effortlessly due to its high roof allowing for easy access to every disc in the main compartment while the lid to the main compartment has a pocket that will comfortably hold 2-3 discs.

The long pockets of the frid are designed to each hold 2-3 discs, some extra clothing or snacks while the inside top is laid out differently on each side. The left side has an umbrella pouch, a smaller neoprene sleeve and a pen sleeve. The right side has a larger neoprene sleeve suitable for even the biggest phones. On the outside of the long pockets are pockets that expand when they bulge suitable for keys and other smaller items.

The outside pockets are insulated with foam and designed to adapt to the user’s preference.
Each pocket has an adjustable and removable bottle holder that fits 9cm diameter bottles while still leaving space in the front for smaller bottles or cans.
If the bottle holder is removed the outside pocket can instead fit 2-3 discs, spare towels, snacks or clothes.

Frid has been equipped with MOLLE straps in order to expand on its modularity with future accessories yet to be revealed.


 1000D Cordura (black): All areas contacting the ground.
 500D Cordura (black): The main outer Fabric
 200D Cordura (dark grey): All inner lining
 Polyurethane Coated YKK Quiet Zippers
 Extremely High-End Silky smooth straps


Width: 42/48cm (bottom Front/Back, 27cm wide (top)
Height: 48cm
Depth: 22cm

Approx Weight: 2.2kg

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