Delta-T Omega 1.5

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Color: Blue
Weight: 173-175g
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Delta-T Omega – The Omega is Millennium’s flagship putter, with no bead and a straight flight this is great for all skill levels. The Delta-T plastic has a great feel in the hand and is on the stiffer side of the spectrum. Closely compared to the Aviar, the Omega is perfect for just about any putter shot on the course. Extremely versatile for all skill levels, any player will be comfortable using it. Grab a Millennium Discs Delta-T Omega today! Millennium says this about the mold: “The Omega is a straight putt and approach disc that gives you total control of angle, direction, and speed. It is totally stable in virtually any wind. It comes in several types of plastic.The Delta-T “DT” Omega is a super-firm and grippy baseline plastic. Great for beginners because of its affordability, but it’s also great for an advanced golfer who likes to season a putter over time. Introduced as a stock disc in July 2016.”

In precise time-keeping “Delta-T” is a measurement, and it’s also the name of Millennium’s new baseline plastic. DT offers a super-firm feel, making it the most rigid of baseline plastics on the market. Currently offered exclusively in our popular Omega molds, beginners and pros alike now have the ability to work-in a firm version of their favorite putter. DT’s combination of grip, rigidity, and affordability is what makes it truly timeless. DT was first introduced as a fundraiser disc, then as a stock disc in July 2016.

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