Big Z Nebula Ledgestone 2022

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SKU: BZN1172

FLIGHT NUMBERS: 5 4 -0.5 2

Color: Purple
Weight: 175-176g
Försäljningspris289 SEK Vanligt pris319 SEK

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At its core, the Nebula is an overstable midrange capable of fighting strong winds. It was released in 2008 as Discraft’s Ace Race prototype and eventually became the predecessor to the Buzzz OS. Since then, the Nebula’s production has been discontinued at Discraft. That held true until the Ledgestone Edition Z Swirl Nebula was released as a limited run in 2021. This year’s Big Z run will be similar to last year’s mold with a small variation due to plastic type. Generally, the Big Z plastic is a touch less overstable than the normal Z or Z Swirl plastic. Expect the 2022 Ledgestone Edition to fly with a standard Buzzz flight and an overstable finish without the super overstabilty of a Buzzz OS. You’ll also notice a more opaque appearance within each disc despite being part of the Z family of plastics. This was part of a limited run of 2000 discs.

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