Orbit Grace Grand - Kristin Tattar 2022 World Champion

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Färg: Röd
Vikt: 173g+
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Kristin Tattar 2022 World Champion! What an impressive comeback after your elbow injury, you keep impressing us and you have showed in every sense that you are a true champion! To celebrate we are releasing the Grand Orbit Grace - Kristin Tattar 2022 World Champion.

From Kristin Tattar:
Why the Grace? "Grace is a very special disc for me, since it is the only disc that I fell in love with immediately after only couple throws. I think the new blend of plastic fits very well in my hand which makes it easy to trust it, even in wet or cold conditions. In addition to that, I think Grace was something that I had been looking for in L64 line up. It is perfect for hyzer flip max distance shots for me and I can't imagine my bag without it!"

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